Today Is a Good Day! Attitudes for Achieving Project Success

Author: Alfonso Bucero

This book is a quick guide to improve your attitude as a project manager, as a team member or as an executive or sponsor. The author explains how positive attitude can move mountains. Everybody can choose his/her attitude, you cannot change the facts but you can choose your reactions in front of them.

This book is easy to read because of the use of graphics for its explanation and some case studies that belong to the professional life of his author. This book is highly recommended for executives and project managers that need to lead by example.


Prologue. Chapter 1: Your attitude; Chapter 2: How to attract project success. Chapter 3: Prepare a plan to be successful. Chapter 4: Commitment. Chapter 5: Convert your problems into opportunities. Chapter 6: Your word makes the difference. Chapter 7: How are you. Chapter 8: Not complain about your projects. Chapter 9: Associate with positive proffesionals. Chapter 10: Grow from your tears. Chapter 11: Get out there and fail. Chapter 12: Networking. Chapter 13: Conclusions. Glossary.