Most of companies worldwide are moving forward very fast. The competitive advantage based on products, cost or strategy is being exhausted… People are making the difference, and the teamwork skill is becoming essential for organizational success. One enthusiastic team multiplies the power of all individual efforts. This training is for you and your team.





Content and objetives of the seminar:


Project Managers, Project leaders, technical people.


Duration:  2 days (16 hours)

PDUs / Contact hours: 14

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  • Introduction
  • IT issues and problems
  • Why to change?
  • The individual contributor
  • The team
  • The leader
  • Communication
  • How to create a team and work together
  • The different roles
  • How to collaborate?
  • The Motivation
  • Maximizing individual performance and team performance
  • Obstacles, milestones and sequences
  • Actions that produce results
  • Attitude
  • The conflicts
  • How to deal with failures
  • Transition tree build up
  • Closure

  • Experiment the value of teamwork in projects
  • Understand the differences between working for yourself and working in a team
  • Learning to work with others
  • Understand the key of communication
  • Learning about the importance of personal relationships
  • Promoting collaboration
  • Understand the importance of positive attitude