The team success is depending on the ability of the leader to influence in an effective manner to his/her team members. Managers must learn to manage teams to integrate the efforts from all participants. It is important that the Manager understands the team dynamic and development process. Effective teams are characterized by having clear priorities, mutual understanding and commitment.





Content and objectives of the seminar:


This program is designed for Managers and Supervisors.


Duration:  2 days (16 hours)

PDUs / Contact hours: 14

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  • Introduction
  • How to develop a team for success?
  • Team development
  • Coordinating team efforts
  • The appropriate use of power and authority
  • Stress and problem solutions
  • Improving creativity to solve problems
  • The communication models
  • The assertive communicator
  • Communication channels
  • To listen to
  • The main elements of a good listener
  • The effective communication
  • Effective decision making
  • The decision making rational process
  • The relational model of decision making
  • Decision making styles
  • Guidelines of effective decision making
  • Team management
  • Different styles of people management
  • Conclusions

  • Develop a team for success
  • Using authority with the right approach
  • Knowing better your employees
  • Developing skills to solve problems and conflicts
  • Communicate better with their employees
  • Making effective decisions
  • The different management styles