This training provides the participants WITH the concepts, tools and techniques to control and improve the project quality. The main objective of this training is to help the attendees to improve their project’s quality, and then to contribute to the organization’s quality.








Content and objectives of the seminar:


This program has been designed for project leaders, project managers, program managers, functional managers, and supervisors.


Duration:  2 days (16 hours)

PDUs / Contact hours: 14 

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  • Introduction
    • Objectives
    • Key definitions
    • History
  • Quality management foundation
    • Quality definitions
    • Quality models
    • Quality objectives
    • Fundamentos de gestión de procesos
    • Process management fundamentals
    • Tools and techniques to reduce quality problems
  • Quality management
    • Customer critical requirements
    • Specific measures for success
    • Identifying key processes
    • Setting up performance indicators
    • How to improve organizational performance
  • Quality control
    • Monitoring project objectives
    • Monitoring product objectives
    • Tools for project control
    • Interpreting data
    • Progress report
    • Tools and techniques
  • Quality improvement
    • Acceptance vs. Continuous improvement
    • The quality commitment
    • Quality and the PMO

  • Better planning
  • To learn how to measure the key performance indicators
  • To understand useful information
  • How to achieve acceptance and Customer satisfaction
  • Define concepts, quality tools and techniques