All projects need a Sponsor. The consistent management support is critical for project success. However, from time to time organizations do not spend enough time and money to understand what “Sponsorship” means”, why is important to do it better, and how to improve it.








Content and objetives of the seminar:


All managers and Executives involved in project sponsorship, Project Managers, and other stakeholders interested in discovering the importance of “Project Sponsorship”, to achieve a better return of the investment.


Duration:  2 days (16 hours)

PDUs / Contact hours: 14 

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  • Introduction:
    • Why “Sponsorship” is necessary?
    • What is the value?
  • Project Sponsor Responsibilities
    • Definition, objectives
    • Problem escalation
    • Ask questions
  • Obtaining a “Project Sponsor”
    • Criteria
    • Negotiation
    • The project sale
  • Sustaining “Project Sponsorship”
    • Proactivity
    • Support/interference
    • Reviews
  • Relationship with others
    • Executive committea
    • Culture and values
    • Execution and feedback
  • How to develop the “sponsorship”
    • Positioning
    • Curriculum
    • Examples

  • Understand what “Project Sponsorship” means.
  • Define how “Project Sponsors” have a business impact on the project success.
  • Discover how to obtain the right “Sponsor”.
  • Identify what Sponsors must know.
  • Learn from examples and Case Studies
  • Understand the benefit of effective communication between the “Sponsor” and the Project manager.
  • Understand your Organizational Culture.