How to increase the return of investment through managing the right projects in their organization. (Portfolio Management). This workshop defines the strategy, processes, information, analysis and deliverables for effective project portfolio management. The attendees will learn how to identify projects proactively, selecting and balancing a set of projects. The effective project portfolio management improve the projects flow in your organization minimizing unnecessary tasks, improving effectivity and establishing priorities.







Content y objetives of the seminar:


People who supports decision making processes and want to select and establish project priorities in their organizations. Project Management Office managers, Project Management Office leaders, or other executives with an interest in developing and managing its project portfolio.


Duration:  2 days (16 hours)

PDUs / Contact hours: 14 

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  • Introduction
    • Project Portfolio Management objectives
    • Project Portfolio Management critical factors
  • Strategy – The right mix
    • Defining objectives and strategy
    • Linking the Strategy with project Portfolio
  • Setting priorities
    • Sorting out the opportunities
    • Sorting out the risks
  • Best practices
    • Assessment techniques
    • Balance and strategic planning
  • Decision Making – Roles and Responsibilities
    • The decisión making process
    • Setting up Priorities
    • Communications
  • Implementing a management process
    • Effectivity
  • Selling the righ project to Executives
    • Project Portfolio management
    • Recognizing the problem
    • Overcoming change resistance
    • Getting executives buy in

  • Define objectives and the and the project portfolio management process
  • Strategic planning and its relationship with project portfolio management
  • How to establish a relationship between the “PROJECT PORTFOLIO” and the “RESOURCES PORTFOLIO” in its organization.
  • Priorities set up, and project and resource management improvement
  • PMO Roles and responsibilities, executive responsibilities
  • Assuring executive commitment and sponsorship