Learning from projects is not only mandatory for the project team but also for the organization. Promoting knowledge management is critical for the project success in organizations. Executives are a crucial part promoting the knowledge management culture during the project life cycle.






Content and objetives of the seminar:


Project Managers, project leaders, team leaders.


Duration:  1 day (8 hours)

PDUs / Contact hours: 7

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  • Introduction
  • Knowledge Management
  • The Project Reviews
    • What is in it?
    • Who participate
    • Who must be the leader
    • Next steps
  • The Retrospective Analysis
    • Preparing the session
    • Running the session
    • Capturing the learning
    • Sharing lessons learned
  • Lessons learned
    • How to get lessons learned published and shared
    • How to recognize the contributors
    • Available Tools
    • How to implement a tool
    • Conclusions and closure

  • Understand what knowledge management means in the project field
  • Learn how to do Project Reviews
  • Understand what are the benefits of doing a Retrospective Analysis
  • Leading a retrospective Analysis
  • Improving project management skills