The purpose of this seminar is to explain the solution selling process and the concepts and techniques you may use to improve that process. There are more and more persons in organizations that must manage projects. This seminar wants to achieve the attendee’s expectations, providing them with theory plus practice, clarifying that each solution is a project and showing up the added value of Solution Selling.





Content and objectives of the seminar:


Presales consultants, sales people, inexperienced project managers.


Duration: 1 day (8 hours).

PDUs / Contact hours: 7 hours

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  • The market environment
  • The Changes
  • The solutions
  • Customized projects
  • Customized project life cycle
  • Managing the Change
  • Internal structure
  • Customer organization
  • Decision makers
  • What type of Solution do you want?
  • Customer needs
  • The added Value of managing the Solution
  • Manager commitment
  • Solution Engineering
  • Problems to solve
  • Managers Decision
  • Proposal draft
  • Proposal Objective
  • Negotiation
  • Solution Requirements changes
  • Price and Schedule
  • Organizational aspects
  • Scheduling and agenda
  • Commitments and assumptions

  • Understand a customized solution
  • Analyze the project sales cycle
  • Propose beneficial solutions
  • Selling better Solutions