This is a workshop who offers the participants the opportunity of learning how to Obtain and Sustain Upper Management Support for their projects. All projects need an “Sponsor”. The consistent management project support is a critical success factor for project success.










Content and objetives of the seminar:


The main audience for this workshop are the managers and project managers that are working with “Managers and Executives” on a daily basis and they are looking for a better result from their interaction. The ideal audience is Manager and Project Manager attending together to this workshop. They must work together and prepare their action plan.


Duration: 5 hours.

PDUs / Contact hours: 4 hours

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  • Introduction
  • Why Management Support is needed?
  • What is in it?
    • Manager responsibility in projects
      • Definition, objectives
      • Problems escalation
      • Make questions
  • Obtaining a Project Sponsor”
    • Criteria
    • Negotiation
    • The project sale
  • Sustaining Sponsorship
    • Proactivity
    • Support/interference
    • Reviews
  • Examples

  • Understand what means “Project Sponsorship”
  • Define how “Management involvement” has a great impact in project success
  • Discover how to obtain the right “Management Support”
  • Getting Management involved in projects
  • Learn from real Case Studies
  • Understand the benefits from effective communication between the “Manager” and the “Project Manager”
  • Understand your organizational culture about projects
  • Explore the power of “feedback”.