This Seminar prepares the attendees on project management foundation. Covering all processes defined atthe PMBOK®Guide. It is a practical training, where the combination between theory and practice converts this seminar in two intensive and efective days for any profesional who wants to know how to manage a project.








Content of the seminar:


The audience for this Seminar are project leaders, project managers, and business people involved or to be involved in projects. This is a very practical seminar, where you will find a mix between theory and practice.


Duration:  2 days (16 hours)

PDUs / Contact hours: 14 

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  • Introduction
    • The projects
    • The project success
    • The project management process
  • Project Management
    • Different types of projects
    • The quality assurance
    • What is a project and what is project management
    • System Integration
  • Scope: Setting up the objectives and defining Requirements
    • Stakeholder Identification – Sponsor – Customers – Users
    • Planning a dynamic environment
    • Risk Assessment and Contingency Plan
    • Planning and Change Control
    • Principles of Estimation
    • Suggested tools
  • Planning steps
    • The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    • Task dependencies, network and critical path
    • Estimation and effort duration
    • Roles and resposibilities definition
    • Resources assignment
    • Network optimization techniques
  • Project Organization
    • Organization types
    • Quality and other functions
    • Providers/Third Parties
    • The project team
    • Technical skills vs. Management skills
    • The project manager
    • The Sponsor
  • Project Monitoring and control
    • Communication Management
    • Project status reports
    • Manager and Customer Reports
    • The project delay reasons
    • The budget control
  • Change Management
    • Crisis management
    • Requirements management and its evaluation
    • The configuration control
    • The issues control
  • Implementing Project Management
    • The resistance for change
    • Next steps and lessons learned

  • Apply project management concepts and techniques
  • Identify and manage critical roles and responsibilities for a project
  • Define a project
  • Practice the project planning foundation
  • Understand and practice project estimation
  • Understand and practice project risk evaluation
  • Prepare an initial project plan
  • Understand the foundation for project monitoring and control
  • Know how to report to upper managers
  • Understand and manage project changes
  • Understand conflicts between project stakeholders
  • Understand the importance of thinking about what you are doing good and what you are doing not as good.