Organizations are political by nature. Effective project managers must be sensible to polítical issues, so they should include in his/her Project Plan all aspects related to politics in their organizations and that affect dramatically to the project, making a project success or failure.







Content and objetives of the seminar:


This program has been designed for Project Leaders, Project Managers, Managers of project managers, PMO Responsibles.


Duration: 1 day (8 hours).

PDUs / Contact hours: 7 hours

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  • The political project success
    • How to achieve it
    • Where to go. What path to follow
    • Key Messages
  • The first step:
    • The project Environment Components
    • Leading the organizational change
    • Politics
    • Different Opinions
    • Positive vs. Negative Attitude
  • Second step:
    • Define your Environment
    • Assess your Environment
    • Assess your team interactions
    • Stakeholder Analysis/ Tool
    • Action Plan
    • The Political jungle map
    • Create a “Polítical Plan”
  • Third step:
    • May we do it?
    • Speaking truth to power
    • Tools for managing the change
    • Achieving
    • Using Emotional Intelligence
    • Demonstrate authenticity and integrity
    • New “politics” vision”
    • The six surviving rules

  • Assessing the environment where the project is taking place
  • Actors
  • Processes, persons, infrastructure
  • Describing the “politic jungle” of the organization
  • Understanding the roles that the actors of the project play
  • Identifying potential problems
  • Preparing a strategic answer and an action plan
  • Preparing a “politic plan”