The human factor is the biggest challenge for any project. If your project conflicts and negative approach are affecting to the team capacity to work together reaching their goals, this workshop is mandatory for you. This workshop will provide you with the daily tools to become a successful professional. Every attendee practices with those tested tools that increase their possibility of success:

  • Conflict Diagram: analyze different types of conflicts – one by one, internal, group conflicts.
  • Communication Conflict: Discover the secrets about winning and solving difficult conflicts.
  • Better ideas/Behavior: This tool provides you with the power to excite people to listen to you and then they will be able to improve their behaviors.


Content and objetives:


This workshop is designed for team leaders, project leaders, project managers, executives, and anybody who wants to work better with other people.


Duration: 2 days (14 hours).

PDUs / Contact hours: 14 hours

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  • Permanent conflict resolution
  • Conflict diagram built up
  • Solutions and Communications
  • Other type of conflicts
  • Negative solutions, Ideas, Behavior
  • Making logical criticism
  • Criticizing
  • Closure

  • To strength management skills, negotiation and conflict management
  • Define the conflict and solve it
  • Communication for collaboration
  • Managing properly delegated work
  • Using common sense and logic
  • Teamwork for problems solving