The twenty first Century organizations have new challenges, technological challenges, organizational challenges or others. In order to deal with those challenges we must be able to define those changes, seeing what is in it, who participates, to whom is affected by, and what are its advantages. This training course will be very helpful for the project manager who manages complex projects, and need to deal with organizational change.




Contenidos y objetivos:


Project Managers, Project leaders and Executives.


Duration: 2 days (16 hours).

PDUs / Contact hours: 14 hours

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  • Welcome
    • Training objectives
    • Logistics
    • Attendees introductions
  • Introduction and drivers of the Change
    • The Change challenges
    • The Expectations
    • The Change dimensions
    • Managing the Change in complex projects
    • Theory and Concepts
  • The Change
    • The resistance and reactions
    • Readiness for Change Assessment
    • Corporate culture types
    • Roles for the Change
    • Diagnostic tools
    • Key elements to implement the change
  • Communication
  • Sponsorship
  • Teamwork
  • Training
  • Transition planning
  • Awareness
  • Performance measure
  • Organizational alignment
  • Positioning and selling
    • Deliverables
    • Project types
    • Proposals
    • Conclusions and closure

  • Measuring the Change in the organization environment
  • Understand the resistance and reactions facing the change
  • Understand the organizational culture types
  • Leading the change and understanding the foundation concepts
  • Practicing with exercises and Case Studies