This service consists on implementing a project portfolio tool throughout we will analyze the project Organization inventory, helping the customer to define or establish priorities, classifying projects and programs, scenario simulation to make decisions and achieve balanced project portfolio according the strategic organizational objectives.

Some of the benefits of the Project Portfolio tool implementation are:

  • Project Portfolio information available for the organization, according privileges and Access levels
  • Dashboard
  • Facilitate project and program monitoring and control
  • Report generation
  • Facilitate the decision making process to management through scenario simulations, taking into account costs, risks, project type, etc.
  • Validation by the project manager of the hours reported by the team
  • Project custom reports generation
  • Centralized document management

Some of the points in which this methodology is based are:

  • Customer requirements analysis
  • HW/SW requirements identification
  • Development, pre-production and production environments definition
  • Solution implementation
  • Customized solutions development and implementation
  • Training on the tool selected

The main deliverables are as follows:

  • Customer requirements and HW/SW document
  • Development environment documentation
  • User manual
  • Administration Manual
  • Disaster and Recovery document