The most recent experiences indicate that project work is becoming the most part of the work done today in moder companies, mainly for companies that design and develop high technology products. Project oriented organizations are growing up. When organizations spend a lot of money in training their professionals on project management, they ask themselves about the benefits they will get from that.

Based on that experience, executives become aware of they need to take the next step about that, but usually they don’t know how to help. There are a lot of work in the project that seems chaotic, out of control and not predecible about results. This service cover the essential steps top management may take to minimize the chaos and how to create the right environment for project success.

In this service you need to fill in some surveys and do some interviews with managers and project managers to be able to ellaborate a result report and some recommendations with an action plan.

Some of the benefits of using this service are as follows:

  • Finding out the potential areas of improvement to support the project success
  • Knowing what is the level of knowledge of the project managers and executives in the organization
  • Knowing if the organization is supporting the projects
  • Validating if the organization strategy is
  • Knowing if the wheel is being reinvented in your organization
  • Having the adequate pieces to prepare an improvement plan
  • Identifying the type of projects that exist in your organization
  • Knowing what type of project managers you should use/hire
  • Knowing how to start up a project management initiative for organizational efficiency
  • Moving to a project oriented organization

The consultant or consultants will work on teams with the customer performing an assessment through surveys and interviews. The customer will facilitate the corresponding project documentation to facilitate the consultants work in the organization. Customer involvement and cooperation will be necessary to achieve service objectives. After doing the interviews, the BUCERO PM consultants will produce a report with the assessment results and present that report and an action plan to the management team.

It will depend on each case, but the minimum deliverables to be provided by BUCERO PM Consulting are as follows:

  • Project Environment Assessment Results
  • Presentation of the Results to the Management Team
  • Proposed Action Plan
  • Main recommendations