We face new challenges in the today’s society: implementing new organizational structures, introducing/implementing new technologies, crisis and conflict management, consolidation, more flexible roles and responsibilities. Those projects are not only focused on software development and implementation, but an organizational change. This service will help you to face and manage the change properly, working on the communication aspects, strategic alignment, teamwork, roles and responsibilities, leadership, sponsorship, cultural impact, and resistance.

The main benefits of this service are as follows:

  • People accept the change because they understand it
  • Good business results
  • Achieve higher proactivity
  • Improve communication
  • Achieve a better alignment
  • Learn
  • Achieve the project success

We will use the following methods and techniques:

  • Standard models and concepts
  • Workshops with all people involved
  • Business discussions
  • Best practice analysis
  • Project Plan Elaboration

The main deliverables for this service are:

  • Change resistance assessment
  • Sponsorship assessment
  • Project Risk Assessment
  • Action Plan