This service is defined to help organizations to define a process and to setup the organizational project learning process. During this service we will use our experience managing the project knowledge at different organizations through the processes, roles and responsibilities definition.

Some benefits from this service are as follows:

  • Not reinventing the wheel
  • Learn and share project knowledge
  • Discover failures and successes
  • Learn from failure and from success
  • Document
  • Minimize errors
  • Take advantage of previous experiences
  • Minimize the project cost
  • Increase project team motivation

We follow some of the next patterns:

  • Meetings with project staff (project office, project managers) to define the scope of the phase or project
  • Meetings with those involved in the project, selected by the project manager
  • Detection of key knowledge of the project

Some of the main deliverables are as follows, although it depends on the customer:

  • Project Knowledge Management process defined
  • Knowledge Management Roles and Responsibilities defined
  • Retrospective Analysis documentation
  • Forms and templates
  • Retrospective Analysis for one project
  • Lessons learned