How to be an enthusiastic Project Manager

As a project manager practitioner, I define myself as an observer. I believe that observation is key to be a more complete project manager. Observing people patterns and reactions may be helpful for you. Foe example enthusiasm is key for being a successful project manager. Some professionals are confused between being enthusiastic and clowning. In […]


Book Tomorrow will be better

Project Management passion

I feel sorry for the project manager who does not believe in his or her project. Nothing great was ever achieved without passion. Yet over the years, I have detected a lack of passion in some European project managers at multinational companies. I strongly believe passion is contagious—leaders need to transmit positive energy. In 2000, […]



Five Project Management advices for attacking worry

These advices were carefully practice listening to myself, as a Project Manager when managing people in projects. I’d like to share with you some best practices for attacking worry as a project manager: First: It was to note and study with meticulous attention every comment I made, so that I might become fully conscious of […]


Book Tomorrow will be better

Find a good Mentor

One of my preferred sentences is “you could be my teacher”. My father who passed away several years ago taught me the importance of learning something every day. I followed his advices and all my life I’ve tried to learn something each day. I learned a lot from my best friend Randall L. Englund who […]

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